About Us


New Victoria Student Ministries is focused on helping students come to know Jesus Christ in a personal relationship and leading them to intensely pursue after God’s own heart. We desire that each student will impact their homes, schools, communities and world for Christ’s glory. It is our prayer to see each student at New Victoria Baptist Church become Great Commandment and Great Commission Christians.


The New Victoria Student Ministry supports New Victoria’s mission by, Encouraging students to share God’s love, Exalt God’s glory, Equip His people, Enjoy other believers, and help everyone to Experience Him.


Below is a list of goals we have for each student. Our hope is that every student would understand and embrace each of these as soon as possible, laying a protective and strong spiritual foundation before entering college.

1. To Receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ
2. Publicly Confess Christ and Obey His Command to be Baptized
3. Genuinely Loves God and Loves People
4. Honor and Obey His-Her Parents
5. Have a Vision for Being Used by God in a Big Way
6. Know How to Share Personal Faith and Witness to Someone
7. Remains Faithful to Christ through College and Adulthood
9. Make Wise Decisions